Problem A client in the rail industry wished to develop a catenary-less electric rolling stock for urban transport system. This required an energy storage system capable of high powered fast charging at train stops no longer than 25s, without the thermal energy losses associated with high powered charging cycles and shortened service life of batteries.

Solution A solution utilizing Graphene ultracapacitors as the energy store was accepted, enabling high powered fast charging, significantly longer service, high energy efficiency, robust safety, wide range of ambient operating temperature and non-toxic.


Problem A touring car race team wanted a robust, race transmission, fast shifting and wide range of gear ratios choices to replace their production-cased transmission which failed regularly.

Solution A new model off off-the-shelf racing transmission for front wheel drive application was offered and accepted. The transmission offered high durability, easy adjustability and low cost per mile.The team was pleased with the durability, performance and engineering support for installing into their drivetrain.